About us

About Us

We Patel Agri Export initiated in 2013 by undertaking process  of  Manufacturing Cashew nuts under brand name NUTBUT.  We are leading Cashew Processors, Exporters & Importers in India. We import Raw Cashew nuts from several regions of Africa and we carry out, in house production for superior quality. Furthermore, we added Almond as well as Walnut in our, in house production. Furthermore, we offer widest range of all kind of Nuts.


We have invested heavily in mechanization to accomplish huge volumes with peak level of hygienic standards, our firm is  ISO 22000:2018 certified company.

We have a diverse portfolio with a product-focused approach to meet highest quality of production with world class amenities. NutBut delivers finest quality of nuts & dried fruits at the most decent rates.  Additionally, we also deliver our widest range of nuts in retail packaging along with that we have our own Factory Outlets & Franchise’s in several areas of Gujarat.


Besides this we produce our own cashew’s sweet dishes with savoury feeling. Moreover, what keeps us inspired about what we do is the satisfaction of our customers exactly what they want, We like it best and we made it better!